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April 13th, 2013, 04:05

Figured I was asking a lot w/ that - might require getting the Source Code to pull off something like I asked, eh?
Given how everything has gone w/ these games from Deep Shadows and their publishers, getting Source Code probably won't happen!

Hmmmm….let's eliminate a few steps.

What about just having someone just use a program to capture the final in-game video working properly (kind of like what that person on Youtube did);
save the capture-video in a format so that most Media Player can play it (i.e. like AVI or something that WinAmp, MediaMonkey, or WMP can read);
and just include that video-file in one of your patches (maybe you have it say go right into the Xenus2\VIDEOS folder)?

We could just play that captured-video in a Media Player outside of the game at our own will.
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