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April 14th, 2013, 05:54
I came across this little delightful mod that I just had to share. It's called Lakeview Extended - Hearthfire.

Features: (all upgrades purchasable through the dragon located in the Fungal Cave.)
* Pool for those that fancy taking a swim.
* Wall & Gates north fence and a south wall with 2 gates.(gate key is at Talos statue, see picture "21 Key Locations")
* Villa providing beds for 5 people.
* Watchtower defensible position to protect the fence.
* Extra Flora for those that love trees/plants/farm plots, not to mention statues.
* Fish Hatchery for an easy fishing time, same as the Windstad Manor's hatchery.
* Fungal Cave an underground mushroom garden including little chaurus gardeners and a dragon.
* Road connecting you manor to both main roads.
* Hortus Sanctum greenhouse cavern including ores, insects and spriggans.
* Apothecary a cave in the mountain where your alchemist shop is located, including 4 beds.
* NPCs a merchant, blacksmith, alchemist, gardener and 4 respawnable guards with keys to open the gates.
* Vanilla Necromancer's Altar all items of this horrible looking altar right next to your home are disabled and replaced with a garden.
* Improved Navmesh all added content has been provided with new navmeshes, npc's should follow wherever you go.

Optional Files:
* Lakeview_Extended_CM these esp's remove unnecessary collision markers so your npcs can walk past your house, install only one .esp per wing.
example: I build the kitchen yet the armory collision marker is there thus my npcs will not walk past it.
* Lakeview_Extended_Grindstone_Workbench places your grindstone and workbench where your drafting table, chest and carpenters workbench are located, you need to use "markfordelete" in game though.
* Lakeview_Extended_Interior stops your manor interior from resetting, I made this because I got sick of old items respawning and bumping away my own placed items.
* Lakeview_Extended_Steam just some steam over the pool.
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