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April 14th, 2013, 17:04
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
Please remember that discovering some (hidden) paths/caves/dungeons required a party member with high perception to be the party leader. Many people might have missed this detail or had a party member that did not meet the reqs. Many people might have also not made it through the mountains in Star Trail due to a lack of appropriate equipment and/or party member's illnesses.
And finally there is a fair share of totally random encounters that some people might have simply missed out on due to the luck of the draw (or lack thereof).
There are many possible reasons why players might have missed out on some parts of the games.

These games are definitely not a play once, seen it all affair, not even for completionists since some content is dependent on being at the right place at the right time with the right party (or stat/skill set) and then some luck when the dice are rolling.
Welp, I remember the manual was quite clear about party leaders for cities, wilderness, and dungeons. Personally, I would even say those skills weren't checked ENOUGH, and some were outright useless. In any case pumping nature and 'personal' skills on your outdoor leader(s) was kind of self-evident.

The only encounter that depended on luck that I remember was the ghost ship in Blade of Destiny. Well, I think I also remember encountering some knights in Star Tail which might have been random… or was that Darklands? I might confuse the two.

The only real choice I remember was fighting the battle mages south of Lowangen or giving them the salamander stone in Star Trail. Although, if you defeated them you didn't even get a text blurb and you end up with two salamander stones, so you probably weren't even expected to make this choice.

Not that I'm knocking these nice old games, but I definitely hope for some new twists in this remake.
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