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Default Japanese language pack for Tomb Raider costs another $30

April 14th, 2013, 21:23
I've seen some deplorable business decisions but this tops them all.
Beginning on April 25, Tomb Raider on Steam will offer a Japanese Language pack. The optional add-on will include a Japanese voice track, along with subtitles. The kicker? This added support costs the U.S. equivalent of $30.

Tomb Raider currently costs $50 on Steam. When the packaged version releases in Japan later this month, it will cost approximately $80. It's pretty apparent that the $30 language pack is Square Enix's attempt at balancing the two versions, and maximizing profits while simultaneously bleeding the consumers dry.

It's worth noting that the add-on is completely optional, and no one is forced to buy it. However, $30 (60% of the cost on Steam) for the "luxury" of Japanese players to have it in their native language feels like nothing more than exploitation.

Then news from GAF it looks like Square patched out a japanese language option that was already there, then packaged it as this DLC.


I guess there seriously strapped for cash. I think I will let the ashes settle to see the true story behind this.
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