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April 15th, 2013, 12:50
Most high profile games look like crap mere months before release. It's the nature of developing games with so many different pieces that each need to be polished to near perfection.

A useful analogy most people can relate to is documenting a big project for school or work - with several people writing different pieces. If you take all the work and just splice it together without effort or care, and don't spellcheck etc. - it will read like absolute shit. However, if you spend a few hours putting all the pieces in the right places and polish up everything for coherence and consistency - you can turn a mess into an impressive piece of work.

It's much the same in AAA development with hundreds of people involved.

Only developers like Blizzard can afford to spend the extra time to polish and repolish over and over again.

I wouldn't fret over this. It's a VERY high profile game and if there's one thing we can almost be certain of, it's that the production values will be strong. It's the design and long-term appeal that I'm sceptical of.




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