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April 16th, 2013, 17:57
Reached Kindred with the Lossoth last night. I cheated once again and purchased a stack of 20 rep items from the auction house. They are pretty rare and cost me 30 gold pieces. Ouch. Worth it though as it cut down the grinding time by about an hour or so. Then I just killed Gauradain for an hour or 2 and got the rest of the items to reach Kindred. Pretty sweet. I was determined to get a full set of Lossoth armor to craft (they have a full set of recipes for tailoring when you reach Kindred) and a Tundra Steed. Also, they have 3 really cool looking ceremonial cloaks that you can buy. Pretty cool stuff.

I'm going to finish up the Goblintown quests in the Misty Mountains now (I'm level 48) and once I'm done there it's on to Eregion. Probably going to disable XP from level 49-50 or so, so I don't outlevel the beginning of Moria. Can't wait to check out Moria but I'm taking it slow to get there. Should be fun.
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