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April 16th, 2013, 18:42
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Okay, so weekend got totally messed up and didn't get to start Baldur's Gate. Ninja, let me know if you plan on doing a write-up on BG-EE. I can start BG-Gog this week sometime if you are.

Some of the posters who have 5,000 plus posts should join. D'art, JDR13, Dte, etc. There should be more than enough folks to make up any slack that the editors can't handle.
Whew - I'm glad I'm only in the 2k+ category. Even Myrth don't qualify as he holds his 3k post above us mere mortals.

Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Don't confuse quantity with quality.

While I probably possess the necessary skills, the sad fact is that over the past three years I've only really played one game- DDO. In that time:
Started Eschalon2, loved it, never finished it.
Started Grimrock, loved it, made it as far as level 3
Started Witcher1 for the nth time, emjoyed it, never made it past the first village
Played the crap out of Plants vs Zombies and finished several times
Did finish Bioshock2, on easy, played for the atmosphere and not much else
Played the crap out of Puzzle Quest 1, Galaxia, and 2

When I look in the mirror and get brutally honest with myself, I've become…a casual gamer.
Deets - what about that last UFO?

In the same vein I could probably do a smacking review on Civ4. Since NWN2 made that franchise stupid its pretty much the only thing I've played other than FICS Chess. One of these days I'll be better than "Prince" on it.
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