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April 16th, 2013, 21:43
Great, crpgnut that really gave us quite a boost!
I like the watch commander idea. Here is my spin on it:
The NPC, known as Dhruinus Myrthosius, is the commander of the "Long Watch". A reclusive order of warrior-monks (or a legion of paladin knights), the Long Watch have guarded the perimeter of phantom forest for centuries, making sure that none of the dark things within escape. One by one have fallen, their number ever dwindling, and now only the commander remains. The book, found in the Watchtower, or the Long Watch quarters, is called the "Annals of the Long Watch" and tells of the deeds of members of the Long Watch, and records the time and place of death of its members (to be filled by each backer).
As the commander too is mortally wounded and near death, he asks the PC to take a vow to continue the tradition of the Watch "To look out for all that is good, and keep all that is bad in eternal darkness". If the player agrees, the commander asks some questions to test him, e.g. "Would you ever abandon a quest once begun?" or "Thy Lord mistakenly believes he slew a dragon. Thou hast proof that thy lance felled the beast. When asked, what dost thou do: Honestly claim the kill and the prize, or humbly permit thy Lord his belief?". Or "Do you believe in the Codex?". If the commander finds the answers satisfactory, he tells of the Pendant of the Watch, which he lost on his last, ill fated foray into Phantom Forest. The pendant can be found if the player manages to follow the descriptions given by the commander. It grants an eternal light source, and a small bonus on attack or resisantce from attack against the creatures of darkness within the forest. The commander then dies.
Maybe, if the player succeeds in defeating the Evil in the phantom forest lair, the spirit of the commander could reappear, and thank him, in the name of the entire Watch, pronouncing the player a true hero, brother, and worthy member of the Long Watch.
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