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April 17th, 2013, 00:02
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
I have an Xbox and a Xbox 360, but I'm with you. If it has Always On DRM I'm not going to buy the Xbox 720.
Ever since King's Quest 1, I've always been first and foremost a PC Gamer. But I've always enjoyed consoles too. I've purchased most of the consoles that have been released during my lifetime and have found enjoyment in many console games.

But this whole 'always on' thing is just a pain in the ass. I know young people probably don't care about this as they lack the 30 year perspective that people such as myself have (not that we're geniuses or anything -we've simply just been alive longer).

I agree with the article. For me, the most troubling thing is that I have zero control over something I paid money for and the publisher has 100% of the control. That is a very bad deal for the consumer.

Single player games should be playable at any time, not restricted by internet issues, server issues, account issues, or other whims of the publisher. And if I want to re-sell my game, I should be able to do so. What's next? Is Best Buy going to declare I can't re-sell my old refrigerator someday because they don't get a cut?

This is inherently wrong and for those who can see that I hope you vote with your wallets - for whatever it's worth - and do not buy into this paradigm. I truly mean it, I'm absolutely 100% committed to not buying any console that forces always on down my throat or even partially down my throat. It's unacceptable.
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