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April 17th, 2013, 03:52
The interview was actually part of a series of PM's Bob and I had one day after he posted a message on our forums and he realized my love for all things NWN after I replied.

I asked him a few questions on some of the things I was curious about and as you see he offered up some generous replies on what he could without getting him in trouble from his former Bioware masters. I realized it would could turn into a great interview so he rewrote it as a question/answer format so some of the questions are his just to make the flow better.

Its really neat to see that Bioware seemed to be or feel like a small company after the huge success of Baldur's Gate even and how employees were affected by the issues. Its a lot different an insight inside of a company than following it from a distance and seeing how human the developers are.

To me it paints a picture of an innovative, exciting, young, small company that we'll not see again. At the time as he said I couldn't distinguish them from Interplay so I had no idea that real humans made video games.

Like it or hate it, NWN offered the most innovative software package the likes we'll never see again. Today, games are just games - sure some games offer toolsets but none offer the power to make your own MMOG. No game offers you the power of the DM Client and Obsidian even tried to take it out of NWN2. Toolsets seemed to have been taken over by Middleware like Unity (which I think is a good thing).
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