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April 17th, 2013, 09:46
Originally Posted by TimtheTaxMan View Post
Honestly, I'll wager that the biggest reason they still cater to single players is that they are a private company.
To my knowledge, video games companies are private company. I know none that is not a private company. Might exist but they are certainly not the majority.

There are several factors behind the resiliency of Bethesda projects.One is that the team behind TES carries over the dream of a game. As long as the core that wants their dream of a game to come true will gain success, they will be given room to keep running after their dream.
It must be reminded they work against part of the players who have been pressing them to turn TES games into 2p "cooperative" games. Despite the explicit gaming terms of the TES series.

If ever the TES success series falters, then all those players will be given more weight. It has very little to do with shareholders etc Much more with players who want all games to be played as games they taste. No matter how many games that fit their tastes exist, they always want more of the same.

There are also probably fights for influence within Bethesda and some from within will take the opportunity of providing features that are definitively not TES like in order to gain more power.

The situation is fragile.
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