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April 17th, 2013, 09:35
Not been able to read the article carefully but it seems to focus on the gaming dimension and not on consumption habits.

The Microsoft person is right: wanting everything online is right, considering his position.

With a $20 Internet connection per month, a consumer buying an always online (hypothetically here) XBox must pay $240 per year to be able to use her console.
$480 every two year. Maybe the retail price of a Xbox.

The way to hide that fact is to dilute the useless online feature over several appliances requiring a useless permanent always on feature.

The more of the appliances, the cheaper the useless always on feature will appear. Which will get customers to demand more and more always on feature on their appliances in order to spread as much as possible the cost of a useless feature from the start.

The march is on.
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