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April 17th, 2013, 19:15
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
Let's check what we have so we get all bases covered:
Klubbir: Wizard
Kerriakan: Cleric
KarlPeter: Fighter
Dhedkat: Artificer
Rachail: Artificer
Reywind's TR: ?
Joes TR: ?

It seems we need the most healer / caster / melee. Druid can combine the healer / caster role like Ambrer has done in the current TR group.
Revisiting this. I can't think of Reywind's plan right now, if he's mentioned one. JM is planning an arcane. I'm having second thoughts based on the groups we'll end up with. We'll have one healer, although most of us would have some level of self-healing. We'll have one frontliner, pending Reywind's plan. So I'm thinking about a melee bard (maybe even a fighter splash) or possibly a STR-based monk. I'd probably want to bail out of warforged with either option, which is unfortunate from a roleplaying standpoint but overall rather meaningless. I don't have any burning need to play the WF archmage right now, so it's not like the group needs are trumping any serious plans. Thoughts?
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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