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April 17th, 2013, 22:09
Not leaving garbage is a good point but I think assets are left on are due to three reasons: first, to maintain copyright. The fact is they're published, just not immediately available; for future use. The developers plans to add the features at a later date; for stability. Scripts and other features may still be pointing at these assets and without them something might break. This last one was a constant problem at my old job. Broken legacy stuff got left alone because of time management priorities. A forth reason may be to allow users have them or fix them.

One of the reasons they didn't allow users to sell their builds or pay to play on their worlds is because they were worried about lawsuits. Apple has now proved the business model is sound and those fears were largely baseless. Apple mainly gets sued for blocking products not the content and for being a monopoly. Any occaisional problem with the products loaded quickly get them taken down. Same with the Android store.

Bio thought the trick was to offer company made free products to encourage users to build content and buy more copies of the game but not only did that prove too expensive users made better content in droves, some of which they assimilated.

Their marketing strategy in the game, as you might have noticed in my interview, was to be the Diablo or Counterstrike of traditional CRPG's. You'll note the actionny play of the game itself and tools like the ones that turned Half Life into Counterstrike.

I would kill to have another NWN. I suggested to the Cryptic Studios people something along the lines of renting server space to host user made PW's but they ignored the question and are determined to keep everyone under the same roof.

Selling user made mods would be a much better strategy IMO (and more honest) then selling keys to mystery lockboxes (lottery/gambling).
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