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April 18th, 2013, 16:40
Taking a reasonable approach is out of question.
The "if you cant do it well, dont do it at all" has merits in it but certainly does not correspond with the reality of the industry (providers plus customers)

I remember pushing out the same conclusion at release of The Witcher 2: so far, designers fail so much in certain gaming dimensions that are so less complex than moral choices, that the ambition of bringing moral choices into a game should be left aside.

Adding content, even when it is known, can only be delivered poorly, is the way to go with gamers though.

Morality is a very complex issue and I noticed for example in Skyrim that consequences of choices are crafted in such way the PC is made right.
For example, you are given the option of sparing or killing an NPC. If you decide to spare him, he is revealed as innocent. If you decide to execute him, he is revealed as guilty.

When it comes to morality, designers in video gaming are way out of their depth. They dont know how to deliver on simpler things so reasonably, they should abstain from attempting more complex things.

It wont happen though.
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