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April 18th, 2013, 17:34
If the whole idea of the game is based around "Good vs Evil - which will you choose" its one thing. But if its a general purpose RPG, I think most of the choices are absurd. Most seem to go something like this:

"You reach the top of the hill. You can now clearly see that the smoke is from a few burning cottages. It appears that the village is being attacked. Will you:
A) Charge your courser down the hill, sunlight glinting off your radiant & heroic smile, slaughter the rogues that are attacking the village, and see justice done!
B) Charge your courser down the hill, help the invaders slaughter the villagers, and bathe in their blood (you evil, evil villain you)!"

Maybe, I don't want to get involved. Maybe I want to sneak in, and get a better view of the situation. Maybe…
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