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April 18th, 2013, 20:55
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
The thing we all realize is that branching is $$$ - no reason to assume that in a seriously branched games you could have towns or even worlds certain players would never see. And depending on how the dominant path runs, that could mean as much as several % of resources were spent developing something the vast majority of gamers never see - which is a real issue for project management (i.e. not just for the 'bean counters')
Definitively part of the issue but not only.

Developpers can barely deliver on a romance properly. Morality imposes a moral framework, not simply taking decisions as it pleases the player.

Very often, in order to fill in for the tremedous task of providing a contextual framework so that the morality set makes sense in the gaming universe, the developpers choose to substitute the PC's morality with the (supposed) player's moral set.

It removes the necessity of providing a contextual framework.

The PC's decisions are moral, not because the gameworld context point them as moral but because the player consider them as the moral things to do.

Hence developpers do not design a world which has its own morality. It imports the morality they think players have.

Much cheaper, much less complex and a total illusion.
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