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April 18th, 2013, 21:46
Dragon age orgins had some intresting moral choises. The best example is in my opinion the whole Orzammar situation. Who should be the next king?

-First option is Harrowmont who seems like a wise and noble character, much like your typical grandfather figure. He radiates charisma and seems quite friendly towards your party. He openly upholds sacred dwarven traditions which seems like a good thing at first. And if you played the dwarven noble storyline you have knowledge that he was a close friend&supporter of your father, the murdered king.

Sadly he isn't much of king material. Under his reign Orzammar will isolate itself further from the rest of the world. He will never fully win assembly's support. Thus he ends up making bunch of poor compromises with bickering noble houses. Bhalen's rebellion also continues strong throughout his reign. Harrowmont turns out to be quite a conservative too and under his reign castless people truly suffer as many discriminating laws are passed.

-Then we have Bhalen who is truly a prick and ruthless person. If you played the dwarven noble storyline, you'll have a personal reason to hate Bhalen.

Yet the guy has decent ideas how to change the society for the better. Like removing castes and improving the life of castless people. He has plans to expand the orzammar's influence and make contact with other dwarven settlements. He doesn't hold grudge against surface dwarves or other races. He think's that everyone should have the chance to become successfull if he or she has such capability. At the end of day choosing him to be the next king is quite beneficial to dwarven race.

I admit that the first time I chose Harrowmont, but as I was watching the epilogue I realized how wrong I was. I solely based my decision on the first impression I had about harrowmont. If I had truly looked around, I'd have seen signs of Harrowmont's failure beforehand.
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