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April 18th, 2013, 22:12
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Since I'm not living in my mom's basement - I obviously can't invest myself during all those hours I spend playing games.

I do have the hours - but I don't have the "investment" energy.

Or something.
I'll just let this one linger a while.

edit: Ok, mini walkthru! I'm gonna help you guys! First thing any player crossing from noob to noob+1 is to get the Drake Sword! Youtube it.

☺Start with master key, be a Bandit.
☺Get the Gold Pine Resin from the box in the locked room you find before you head up to the Taurus Demon (which you can easily beat with drop attacks like the intro boss!)
☺Run up to dragon and either throw a knife at him or stand near the wall and wait until he drops down
☺Use the pine resin to enchant lightning damage into your weapon which you'll use 2 handed.
☺Attack the dragons tail 2 or 3 times with power attacks.

☺Shoot the tail with a bow/crossbow. (wiki where to find one. Theres a light crossbow close by, and a skilled player can get the compound bow from new londo ruins)

Once you have this sword (requires 16 str and 12 dex, I think) you'll smash through the first half of the game.

When you get to sens fortress get the lightning spear! (wiki it!)
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