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April 18th, 2013, 21:19
There was a "double wave" of TRs for many of us.

In my case, I TR'd Botdu "for me", although so far he's done most of his running with guildies. I'll be running Klubbir as my next "Friday" toon whenever we cap out our current lvl17 group (or decide to run 2 groups concurrently). With Peter only having 4 toons, he'll be sitting on his recent TR for a while unless he decides to shift KarlPeter to a "for Peter" toon and TR another. I think that's part of the reason he's been pushing to get everyone a TR-eligible toon. Corwin was talking about doing his wizard-to-wizard TR, but it sounds to me like he's decided to make Dhedkhat his new Friday toon, so the wizzy would become his "for Corwin" toon. CM had declared her cleric-to-cleric TR as her next Friday toon.

The only real difference is that Friday toons wouldn't be supposed to freelance. Theoretically, some of us could potentially do some mix-n-match with our "for me" toons if the levels line up, kinda like what you did with Pump and Fireflash and Cairii, but that's not really the intent.

My overall plan is to run something "different" that doesn't suck. That gives me a fair bit of latitude (no WF barbarian…), which is why I'm giving more consideration to what the group needs. I don't know that I'm really a fan of WF, but with a name like Klubbir Pinion I feel a smidgen of obligation to maintain the role. I'll have to jack around with the character builder to see what a WF STR-based (maybe even q-staff swingin') monk and WF melee bard look like. Those builds would definitely cover the "different" (moreso the bard, obviously), but I'm not sure about the suckage. Part of it is that I don't currently have any pointy stick types in my stable (pale master, machine gun nun, arty, monk, arcane archer, and Klubbir TBD) and that offends my delicate sensibilities.

The thing about the WF wizzy that troubles me a bit is that I've already done a wizzy with Phuury. A barby-to-wizzy TR, even. Sure, archmage will be different than pale master and I'd go electric/force just to magnify it, but it's still a rehash with minor changes. Ironically, the last time I did a rehash with minor changes, I ended up with a warforged barby. Not exactly confidence-inspiring.
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