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April 18th, 2013, 22:28
To those complaining about the difficulty. You are missing the point entirely.

Myself, I spent around 100h or so the first time I played it. That the game is hard (initially at least), however, is what often made me wander about the gameworld, exploring new regions, and invest myself in the lore - all while thinking about how to pass that obstacle or beat that one guy. The diifficulty pulled me into the game.

What causes people to keep playing, even though they die time upon time against certain bosses is the feeling of achievement when you finally beat its many challenges. This is fundamental to the design of the game and so is therefore the difficulty. Remove that, and you could burn through the game in half a day. You literally could (and I'm obviously not talking about speed runs here), cause it isn't really that long if you count only the places you need to visit. That, however, would cause you to miss out on a lot of content, but more importantly, it would make the game boring as hell. It would. You would play through, wonder what the hell was so special about that and throw it away.

Look at it like this, you can play the game without even realising there is a story - alot of people have done that. So why didn't they stop playing, why did they play through? Because the game offers a genuine challenge and an incredible feeling of reward to go with it. That is the core of the game.

Besides, as others have noted, it isn't even that hard. The key is knowledge. Knowing how to control your guy efficently, knowing enemies. Try a second playthrough and you will wonder why the hell you died so many times in the Undead Burg.

And about reflexes. You strictly speaking do not really need fast reflexes. Most fights are pretty slow. Some enemies and bosses are pretty fast, sure, but often you can avoid the need of quick reflexes by simply playing around with different weapons, different types of armour, and different playstyles to tie this together.
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