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April 19th, 2013, 00:03
Originally Posted by Znith View Post
There was no such thing as an app store in 2002 when the game released, that idea was around 5 or 6 or so years away.

To monetize user generated content back in 2002 would have caused a huge uproar then and maybe even now. There's a fine line between average user generated content and a proper mod. Not everyone wants to be nickled and dimed to death.
you are partially right, but people were asking if they could be paid for their mods and some unscrupulous individuals were demanding pay to play on servers and for special items which got them shut down. Bio eventually started allowing donations even though it was technically against their EULA. Most servers that took donations did so either with a wink and a nod to the players (favouritism) or the players themselves tried to push their weight around even to the server admins.

The launch of the DLC system was actually controversial as it was against much of the games philosophy until that point. It proved to be quite successful in the pocketbook so we know who won.

On the point about doing a new NWN, a buddy I played with on our server for 11 years had a dream for an OpenMP NWN type system. We had a couple of hours long sessions where we discussed how it could be done. He then sent me a DOC file of the game design.

A year later when I showed him the Unity engine he realized there was almost no point anymore except to maybe make a plugin for it. We started thinking about making adventures for it first, if only to make some cash. Its kind of how my Android app started.
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