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April 19th, 2013, 03:46
I obviously misunderstood your interpretation of acclompishment. Sorry bout that.

I've finished the game twice. Once as a Pyromancer, it took me 100 hours to finish. Last night I finished my Thief in 60 hours. It gets easier.

When I first started playing I was a Knight, put 42 hours into it and was struggling, i wasn't enjoying it. Skyrim (and then Dragons Dogma) came out and I didnt play DS again for a year. Started where I left off but still found it hard (even with Demon Souls experience) so started all over again.

The moral of my story is, it is a great unique game that keeps you on edge. If it does come down in price and you have the time to invest in it then you wont be disappointed. Just make sure you read sites that tell you the best way to start and the like. Makes it a little easier.

Having said all that, I play it on the PS3. There is not a hope in hell I'd play it on the pc having to use a keyboard. The thought scares me.
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