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April 19th, 2013, 17:54
Just a side-question : I have learned something in SWTOR that is called a DOT (damage over time). Does this exist in DDO ? Well, because I don't remember this anymore … *blush*

Edit : Always wanted to have your personal Beholder ? : http://www.ddo.com/us/ddostorecreaturecompanions

Current sales, beginning from now (Tuesday) on :

April 19 - 25
Lasting Bear's Stamina Potion x5
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20 % off :
- Tomes Of Fate
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- Key Of Destiny
- Menace Of The Underdark :
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  • Adventure Packs

Everything's here, plus an video announcing the "Enhancements Revamp" coming to Lasagna : http://www.ddo.com/ddostoresale

Patch tomorrow, on Friday :

Scheduled Maintenance: Friday, April 19th from 8:00 to 11:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT)
April 18, 2013
The DDO Game Servers, web sites and http://myaccount.turbine.com will be offline for maintenance on Friday, April 19th from 8:00 to 11:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT). Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon!
A Bonus Days Weekend :

DDO Bonus Days!
April 18, 2013
Get +20% Heroic and Epic XP, now through April 21st!
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