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April 19th, 2013, 18:02
Normally I'd agree. For the same reason I don't like history flicks - I basically know how it ends.

However in this case I don't see it in that light. For me this is more like a "origins" movie. Or like a TV-Series I watched for some seasons and now I finally have the chance to watch the pilot.

And like in a TV Series, where most of the episodes have a closed story with some meta story around it, I think it's very similar here. I mean it's not like JA1 or JA2 tried to make epic stories like Mass Effect. It was all the little stuff, the little character stories and so on which were interesting storywise. That's also the reason why I loved the "Hall of Fame" in JA2.

Of course now you already know the characters and how they will end up.
I mean, sure, for characters which died in the story like Marty "Kaboom" Moffat, it's probably not that interesting because he is dead anyways (at least this is my perspective on it).
But it's also a great chance to see old characters in action which were removed in JA2 like some of my favorites from the first part: "Jimmy", "It" and "Needle".
In addition it might shed some light on the "mystical" story behind "Mike".
They also might use the opportunity to intruduce completely new characters which either might have died in the transition to JA1 or might gone below the radar and then show up in a future JA3.
I mean when you played JA1 and then JA2 I guess you did not expect Hamous showing up after you read about him in the Alumni gallery.
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