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April 19th, 2013, 19:39
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
What a strange article.

What are these stupid games? JRPGs are universally awful. Skyrim has no storytelling in it. What are they even talking about?

Kotaku really has devolved into a sad joke.
Kotaku does have a bit of an JRPG fanbase. I know Jason Schreier does a weekly column that covers JRPGS and has its share of fans.

I disagree with you that JRPGs are universally awful. I prefer PC RPGs because I enjoy the complexity, strategy and more mature themes that they provide. But JRPGs are still a lot of fun in their own way. I grew up playing Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior alongside Might & Magic and Ultima, and still enjoy the games to this day. In fact, Final Fantasy VI is probably one of my favorite games of all time.

I do agree with you that Skyrim is a very awkward example of a game that shines in storytelling. The Elder Scrolls games are great in many ways, but storytelling has always been the series' greatest weakness.

Also, this article was clearly written from the perspective of a console gamer. Otherwise Planescape Torment would have probably come up, since that's an obvious example of a game where story/dialogue trumps combat.
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