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April 19th, 2013, 20:26
Anyone having a suggestion for a 32pt monk which will eventually use +4 tomes. The monk will get a GS hp double shard item at level 17-18. Rest of the gear will have to be bought or found in quests. Suggestions?

I think a monk who can do great dps and be survivable is what I would want. I read on forums and some suggested a half-elf light monk with cleric dilettante for heal scrolls. Some people say that maxing out healing amp is critical for monk builds.

I'm not familiar with feats to pick. Some get the cleave line and others the dodge line. I also see people get the TWF line and improved bludgeoning weapons. Is that for the fists?

Which skills should a monk take? Max out concentration is a must. Then some on jump and balance. Any other skills?
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