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April 19th, 2013, 19:48
I don't see why a choice in a game should be "recognisable as a moral choice". Choices you make in real life sure as hell aren't labeled as moral choices. If you are a moral person, you will likely follow your moral code and make whatever choice is right for you in any situation that tickles your moral sense. If you aren't so concerned about being moral all the time, you would make whatever choice would be most beneficial to you (or alternatively most entertaining, if you don't give a crap).

I just want choices. Choices that would make sense in the situation. I liked choices the way they were implementet in The Witcher games. From what I remember (anyway), I felt like I was doing just that, making choices (and facing the consequences), and not being tested on my moral.

Sometimes there is a dicky, I mean morally dubious, way of solving a problem, other times there would just be different ways of solving a situation. I want to be free to make whatever choice I want. To qoute a line from that article snippet:

"The result is either unrealistic choices, that are often laughably exaggerated, or similar ones where it’s not evident which is correct" (my emphasis).

Sure, some times social norms would dictate that one choice is the correct one to make, and choosing the other would make people see you as an ass, but hey, if I want to be an asshole, I want that to be a viable option.

I'm just rambling here. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't get all this talk about "moral choices", or why one should make such a big deal about putting you in a situation in which you can't possibly miss the fact that you have a "moral choice" in front of you. I would much rather want such situations to arise when I am facing a choice that awakens my own moral code, but I guess that would get a bit difficult to implement in a game. Or not necessarily, NPCs would obviously react to my choices whatever way they are programmed to do. Sometimes my moral may be in conflict with that of others. I may make I choice that I feel good about, while others may disagree. If the NPC's disagree, thats okay if any choice is viable.

I just don't want a game to start preaching, and punish me for making certain choices, typically by locking out content, or keeping me from progressing in a game. I don't want there to be a choice I'm supposed to make - a correct choice - in order to progress (I don't want to be forced to follow the moral code of the developers). It removes the whole point of choices. If I want to be an asshole, that's my business.

That got long. Sorry about that.
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