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April 19th, 2013, 21:15
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
Star Wars should be about Rebels shooting stormtroopers, dagnabbit! We didn't have none of this fancy lightsabery sith stuff back in my day. *crotchety old man muttering*
While I'm not too fond of all that lightsaber stuff myself, I - despite being an old geezer myself - strongly disagree with the rest of your post:

Star Wars should be all about Stormtroopers shooting Rebels!

I never liked this rag-tag band of 'Alliance' terrorists, not even when I was a 11 years old kid who was *supposed* to like them because the movie makers wanted it that way.

For me, playing SWTOR as a Republic Trooper is nearly as much fun as was playing TIE Fighter back then … if not more fun. After all, TIE Fighter was a flight sim, and I hate playing flight sims. Just played it because it allowed me to be a TIE pilot, and I liked the story.

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