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April 20th, 2013, 03:40
Only disappointment with the Lossoth was that I waited too long to craft the armor sets they have for rep rewards. As a set, they offer great frost mitigation, but by the time I crafted it all I was done with Forochel, so frost mitigation becomes pretty pointless. Oh well. It still looks cool, so I'm wearing it for awhile.

Just got done running around in Goblintown for the first time ever. Me and a friend got lost, and overall spent at least a good 2 hours killing goblins and searching for our quests, if not longer. We finally found the slave pens which led us to a few new quests, and overall it was just a blast to play there. Came away with ridiculous amounts of loot including tons of Elvish rep items which sell for big money. I had XP disabled at the time to park myself at level 49 until I head back to Eregion. Want to hit 50 there and head for Moria perfectly on level .

But yeah, Goblintown is sweet. Very fun area.
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