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April 20th, 2013, 10:15
One question that is expected to be answered by Kickstarter is integrity.

Very often, publishers are introduced as integrity breakers, they push developpers out of the set game design. They are the

Sometimes, the financial pressure is used to explain a breach in integrity: you borrowed money and must sell the game to pay it back so you had to change the game design.

KS provides studios with a situation none of these excuses work: they have no publishers and the game developpment is paid upfront.

When this breach in integrity repeats enough, it will add new stones to confirm the part of publishers as scapegoats to cover for choices made by developpers themselves.

In their update, they even confirmed that you will be able to game the system by getting results you'd not have otherwise. The relationship between what is happening in the shelter and the combat field is broken. It wont reflect your leadership. A poor leadership's consequences will likely be mended on the field by getting unrelated to the shelter ambiance results.

Strategy is also sold as tactics: the management of a love affair in a tactical team is no tactics, it is strategy. Known for some time now, as many advise this kind of situation to be avoided because tactics is not strategy.
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