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April 20th, 2013, 11:31
Thanks for the update. Game's looking better and better every update.

Originally Posted by Styg View Post
I revamped the pickpocketing mechanics as I promised. The way it works now is that when you are stealing items from an NPC you are filling up their permanent "suspicion meter". If you fill up this meter to the max you will be detected and the combat will ensue. The game will indicate how much stealing a certain item will raise the suspicion meter.
This sounds very good and quite unique (at least I can't recall a game which used a similar mechanic). It makes perfect sense too. If you get pickpocketed, it sure makes you a lot more cautious and suspicious from there on. This is also good way of keeping pickpocketing from getting completely out of hand in the game.

Originally Posted by Styg View Post
Also, some items are harder to steal than others (e.g. heavy weapons and armors in comparison to smaller stuff like ammo and hypos).
This is all well and good, especially for smaller items and the like, but heavy weapons and armor? Well, maybe it's just me, but I've always found it silly how in games you can practically "pickpocket" the clothes off someone's back and their weapon right from their hands without them noticing anything. ("Poof, you're naked!")

Originally Posted by Styg View Post
Reduced weapon degradation significantly. The starting pistol should now be good for over 100 shots
Very good, too fast weapon degradation is annoying (e.g. the only thing I have to complain about System Shock 2 was the ridiculously fast weapon degradation in it).

Originally Posted by Styg View Post
Melee weapons no longer degrade on missed attacks
Excellent, good fix.

Keep up the good work!
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