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April 20th, 2013, 20:24
I'm not sure why this is titled "Flashback"…

Originally Posted by teije View Post
The story of JA2 is cheesy as hell. Which is part of its charm. So I don't care if it's a prequel, sequel or alternate universe. So long as the TB tactics rock and they don't take the story too seriously I'm happy. So looking forward to this one.
Story can sometimes get in the way. I think that's where they went wrong with the new "X-COM", for instance. It really pisses me off that I had to be made to feel like I was on a step-by-step rapid progression to the end game, one way or another. Completely changed the X-COM vibe, and I really don't understand why so many alleged veteran players of the original weren't complaining about that. Maybe they were just so happy to have anything even pretending to be a remake in spirit they didn't care how different the "spirit" was. Or maybe they were just bullshitting about being old school fans of the original. Anyway, that and the fact they included all the customization options for soldiers in the pre-order ONLY. That pisses me off a lot too, on a personal level rather than a game-design level. Makes no sense to me whatsover they did that, and even less sense that they never rectified the situation. Maybe if everyone who reviewed the game had been playing the actual release version instead of the special pre-order version, some people who matter would have made an appropriate amount of noise about how shitty it was for the developers to do that, and I wouldn't have abandoned the game so quickly. Also, the fucking bugs that make playing Ironman on PC impossible, such as the user interface going into a funky state and then locking up. Still not fixed, as far as I know, even though I saw dozens of complaints about the very same things I saw on the Steam forums, way back then.

Anyway… best not to get too fancy when doing a modernized remake of a classic. What you think is an improvement might be seen as anything but by the very people whose opinion made the game a classic in the first place.
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