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April 20th, 2013, 21:44
I picked dodge at level 6, but can go with any class feat. Is maybe precision better? Any other choice? Improved sunder?

Edit: I forgot that I put 1 skill point on tumble at level 1.

The problem with picking improved critical is that one can only take a class skill at level 6 and none of the key ones are available. So I need to pick something else. Maybe a second toughness can be it.

Overwhelming critical can be hard to get since I need vorpal strike at level 21 and Improved martial arts at level 24.

I could probably get greater cleave at level 18 instead of stunning blow. Then I can get overwhelming critical at level 27. To do that I need to use some ability increases on strength since I need 23 base strength. I start with 16 and will use a +4 tome for 20. So I need 3 increases. I can get one at level 16, 20 and 24.

For vorpal strike I need 23 base wisdom so with 16 base + 4 tome and 4, 8 and 12 I just manage to get to 23. That could be possible.
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