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Default Original Sin - Update #21, Live Streams, Reddit and A New Quest

April 22nd, 2013, 05:07
Just 4 days to go for the Original Sin Kickstarter and to reach the next stretch goal ($650K needed, currently at $578K). This update brings us information on Gragt's preview, we reported about earlier today, an upcoming live stream with PCGames.de, an upcoming Reddit section and a video on what reaching the stretch goals would mean.

And finally a rather large quest will be added to the game in which the red imps of the Codex and the army of The Watch are heading towards a conflict.
We want to thank both the RPGWatch and the RPGCodex for the fundraisers they’ve been holding to back Divinity: Original Sin. To show our gratitude, we came up with a bit of extra lore that we’ll happily include should both communities agree.We probably shouldn't refer to the little red guys as imps, but the troll-position is already taken in Divinity: Original Sin.
The Curious Tale Of Commander Myrthos And The Little Red Riding Imps
You'll find many a curious place in Rivellon, but none - Zixzax the Imp Historian will tell you - is quite as curious as the Shelter Plane At The End of Time. Fabulous indeed, would be the heroes who come to inhabit this enigmatic abode, and just as fabulous (as they'd soon find out) are the critters that live there!
No one - and when we say 'no one' we mean 'not even Bellegar' - knows where these red, diminutive demon imps come from, but even though they live at the very edge of the cosmos, a hunter haunts their path …
Myrthos he is called, and rumour has it he is not alone. Does he stalk them because they wronged his kin? Have they broken a sacred oath? Are the forces of the very Divines at work? We can only guess, but the fact of the matter is that a sinister feud is slumbering beneath the surface of an already troubled realm.
Myrthos and his guild obey the mighty Watch. The Red Riding Imps swear by the ancient Codex. Between the two of them there is no common ground; by every oath imaginable they are sworn enemies that seek one another's destruction.
You decide the outcome…
More information.
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