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Default Torment: Tides of Numenera - Adam Heine on Level and Skill Progression

April 22nd, 2013, 11:20
In a new episode of "Ask Torment" Adam Heine answers a question.
How does level and skill progression look like?

Character levels and skills seem quite unique for Numenera compared to other systems. According to Monte's blogs characters with level 1 are already quite strong and maximum level is 6. Skills and their usage seem very descriptive and their interpretation left to GM. Then there are also experience points that can be used to directly affect events in game.

How is the system going to be implemented? Obviously P&P game can have infinite skills with new ones made on the spot, but it's not possible in computer game. Is there a list of available skills, like for example in Fallout? If not, then how do we use a certain skill in certain situation, and how do we know our proficiency in each skill?

Does everything have a level in the game? Does it directly affect mechanics like in D&D games (skills requiring certain levels, spells affecting creatures of X dice)?

Will we feel character progressing and getting stronger? Or is it purposely made insignificant to get more realistic human learning and focus more on story?
The answer is here in the video.

More information.
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