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April 22nd, 2013, 15:38
Just posted about 10 mins ago. Planet explorers got funded. It's an indie game, it's creative, different and definetly not rehash of a 20 years old game so… WTF is that former Harmonix and Irrational Games employee talking about?

Kickstarter is supposed to make life easier for ppl who can't get enough starting funds for making some product. While I can now start writing a tractate about how smartphone projects should be banned because of the fraud nature of the whole smartphone business, I won't.
Everyone who believes his idea(s) could be turned into something good, nice, fun or useable stuff because of Kickstarter can now get the "push" directly from targetted audience instead of signing a contract with a big bad publisher/distributer and left without a dime in the end (a recent example: death of Black Hole Studios after the job done for Ubisoft).

The man, former employee of some names that is not listed on wikipedia, is also probably disappointed with the fact that Veronica Mars, series left without a proper ending, will now, because of Kickstarter project, get a closure through a movie (got 5 million). I bet that same man never watched Firefly and never got excited like a baby over Serenity.

Kickstarter is not just there to support only indie projects. It's there to make things audience want possible when ignorant and blind CEOs don't want to bless such stuff. It's not a perfect service as every project still needs some sort of marketing and a presentation, but honestly, if KS existed a decade ago, I bet we'd see Van Buren made.
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