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April 22nd, 2013, 15:49
How about we wait until some of the more interesting projects are actually released - before we start talking about the model as a failure.

It's not just about playing on nostalgia - but about picking up something that worked and taking it to new places in an environment where it can actually happen.

Games like Star Citizen, Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity aren't about being nostalgic so much as it's about getting back to something that was fantastic but "died" because it wasn't the most profitable kind of game.

They sure don't look plays on nostalgia to me - but genuine attempts to focus on gameplay and design over mass appeal. They look to be evolving those designs as well.

If this guy wants to be creative and experiment with new things - he can do so WITHOUT this kind of support. You can be creative at home with your computer and it doesn't have to cost a dime.

I wouldn't want to limit what Kickstarter is for - but I'd MUCH rather see games like those I mentioned above than another atrociously boring "indie platformer" using whatever new gimmick - trying to masquerade as something innovative.

I mean, games like Plants versus Zombies, Braid, Minecraft, Angry Birds and so on are all fine games, but they're among the least innovative I can think of. They're using ARCHAIC gameplay with slight twists and a gimmick or two.

Ok, Minecraft is more than that - but with such a massive success, it's an easy design to evolve and expand upon. But at heart, it's really a very old game design, only now with multiplayer.




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