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April 22nd, 2013, 18:04
This sounds like mostly sour grapes to me.

On his point about sequels: Yes, people like what is familiar. That is human nature. And it's corporate nature to take a winning formula and beat it to death…to the point of cramming it down the market's throat. I agree with the other posters that Kicstarter doee not fall into the sequel spiral. Yes, old genres, such RPGs and adventure games, have been revived. Yes, they play on nostalgia, which certainly seems to help draw attention, but they seem to me to be more of a departure from the originals, by and large , than your average modern corporate sequel.

Speaking of drawing attention, that seems to be the biggest hurdle for a Kickstarter project, just as it is with most any sales venture. (That and having an interesting product to hold the attention once its drawn.) I think any Kickstarter developer better be ready to go balls out with the marketing — spamming, begging and speaking to whatever media outlet or blogger that will give him the time of day. I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice Kickstarter's browsing is just awful. Even an interested consumer actively seeking a project can easily be stymied by the website, which really ought to be improved.

I suggest this gentleman dust himself off (I am guessing he had a failed Kickstarter project, as that is what it sounds like.) and try again with a real marketing plan. A clever idea is no guarantee of success. Like it or not (and I personally hate maketting), this is still business.
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