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April 22nd, 2013, 18:12
Seems like Kickstarter backers have been more than generous enough with things THEY WANT.

Sounds like this guy is crying.

A lot of the games getting funded that I'm interested in ARE rehashes of old games. Games that are classics. Games from the first golden age of PC gaming. Games from genres publishers won't touch. Games that can stand to have a modernization so they can be enjoyed on modern PCs without jumping thru hoops. Old school RPGs that aren't graphical overkill. Turn based stuff. Strategy games. Etc.

They're not necessarily sequels in the same sense that the big publishers just want to rehash the same game ideas that sell millions of units over and over. They're games nobody is willing to fund and to have any hope of getting done and done somewhat decently need a little help.

It would be cool if Wasteland 2 or SRR (maybe not SRR since the devs kinds of suck and mislead backers and fans and seem kind of shady) sold 1m+ units because it should show that there IS a market for old school/classic game designs and that not all games have to be FPS style repetition.

The fact that a lot of long time/old school developers are getting the chance to make some more old school type of games without publishers turning the product into (more) kiddie mode console/tablet/app phone crap is nice (hi XCOM:EU, I'm talking to you). Really getting tired of PC game design getting watered down due to the console first style mentality.

Nobody can expect Kickstarter to fund EVERY game idea that comes out. There has to still be some responsibility on developers fund new game ideas in other ways, even the same old ways.
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