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April 22nd, 2013, 18:19
What it shows me is that options are good. Forced stuff is not good.

DLC is an optional thing. If it's available, fine. More stuff for people who want more stuff. I personally find the DLC model to be a bit shady in that, a few years ago most games would come out with X amount of content, and these days it seems like a lot of the bigger games come out with X - Z content where Z ends up being instantly available DLC or DLC for the first few DLCs but they still charge the same up front for the initial game and to get the whole game they expect you to pay 50% or so more than what we used to be paying for games. Inflation bites us all but not usually THAT insanely.

If there's online play and you have to do something extra to use it, fine. As long as it's an option and not forced online.
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