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April 22nd, 2013, 19:30
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
I remember it was a bitch for me to get it [Ultima VII] to run back then, and I had to pester an IT guy acquaintance of my father for quite a bit until it worked.
Ah yes, Ultima VII - that game remains my all time favorite.

At the time that game came out, I was living in a disgusting apartment. The bathroom was so bad I had to wear sandals in the shower. The more I tried to clean that bathroom, the faster and more fiercely the mold came right back. Ugh.

At the time I had an Epson 386/16. I could get U7 to run on that machine but it was a slide show. But at my work, we had a brand new 'beast' of a computer, a 386/32. One day after work I installed U7 on that machine and it was sooooo much better.

I worked up the courage to ask my boss if I could take the work computer home each night to, 'better learn how to use it.' I promised I wouldn't break it and that it would be right back at the work desk each morning before anyone got in - like it had never left.

He took the bait and every night after work, I disconnected that gigantic computer, loaded it up in my car, drove it home, walked it up two flights of stairs, set it all up, played U7 - in the morning disconnected it, back down the stairs, back into the car, back to work, and re-assemble. I did this probably for at least a month it was exhausting - but worth it. Good times.
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