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April 22nd, 2013, 19:44
But yet again there wasn't any such thing as freemium games in 2002. They may have missed the boat back then this wasn't available. You have to think about the time of year, 2002, no smart phones, txting was expensive, and Steam released in Oct 2002 (per Wikipedia). The infrastructure and frame of mind just wasn't present yet…

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Given the prevelence of freemium games, I'd say the evidence does not support that. There is a line between a good mod and a great mod for sure, but I don't think there would have been an uproar. To be clear, I'm not saying Bioware/Atari would should have sold the user generated mods and taken all the money, but rather had something similar to how the app stores work now with them getting a cut.

I've worked on a handful of mods over the years for different games and I would definitely rather lend my time to something where there was a monetary reward, if for no other reason that the liklihood of it being finished (and in a timely manner) would have gone up exponentially.

I think its just a missed opportunity.
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