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April 22nd, 2013, 19:53
Originally Posted by Znith View Post
But yet again there wasn't any such thing as freemium games in 2002.
My point isn't that there were freemium games, but that the public is not opposed to them. They aren't now and there is no reason to think they would be then.

They may have missed the boat back then this wasn't available.
They had a method in place to sell content online. They chose to limit it to their own modules only.

You have to think about the time of year, 2002, no smart phones, txting was expensive, and Steam released in Oct 2002 (per Wikipedia). The infrastructure and frame of mind just wasn't present yet…
They had the infrastructure (you don't need smartphones texting or steam for this). They had an obviously passionate and talented group of fans willing to create content. I thought they should do this in that time period and I am no genius. No reason someone inside the company shouldn't have had the same thought.

That other people were not doing it yet is irrelevent. They could have been the trailblazer, but instead missed the boat.

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