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April 23rd, 2013, 05:24
Okay, so I started Moria properly. Well, the intro to Moria I guess. Didn't actually step foot inside the place yet but I did the surrounding quests to help the dwarves open the door. And man, the content so far is awesome. I was completely immersed in the game tonight. I thought my head was going to explode honestly, from the sheer awesomeness. Especially that "session play" that had me running around the Khazad-Dum throne room. That was completely unexpected and cool. I found myself genuinely sad about what happened to the dwarves that day. The story and lore was extremely interesting so far. Loving it.

I also got my first legendary item. A Hunter's bow of the third age. Got a couple relics in it already, a title, and got it to level 8 and upgraded the legacies. Very fun system so far. The customization is awesome. I really can't get over how awesome this game is. It keeps surprising me with great content after great content. And to think I have so much left to do and see, it's mind-boggling really. Anyone reading this, go play this game! You must do it. It's just…epic.
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