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April 23rd, 2013, 07:45
The naivety, hardheadedness, and social exploitation surrounding this project is amazing. An enormous and expansive library of evidence, the details describe a society with more resources than wits by which to use them. I immediately recognized that the project was a violation of Kickstarter.com terms and soon thereafter observed strong evidence of exploiting the emotional sensitivities of gender issues and alleged ambitions of children to feed the greed of adults. It has now become so painfully apparent that this is truly a money scheme that I wonder why it remains a subject of controversy.

I pity the women who believe this is a matter of equal rights and respect, I pity those who have succumbed to anger and thus contributed to the deliberate profit-mongering sensationalism, and I pity anyone who believes that it's healthy to throw piles of money at the parents of a small child on the basis of making an innocently selfish and impractically imaginative dream come true. In spite of the miniscule potential for it to propel a developing young person into something great, the competency and integrity of the parents combined with the questionable parenting tactic of seeking to satisfy their child's luxuries by encouraging and assisting them to exploit feminism and ageism to extract money from strangers is far too alarming for a sensible, responsible, or sane person to throw down even a penny.

That being said, I am now planning to start a Kickstarter to raise funds for a yet undiscovered 7 year-old boy that wants to found his own domestic commercial airline. "Kids can't be at the helm of a multi-billion dollar corporation," they say, but I say that anyone who would crush a child's dream is akin to and should be locked up with those that physically and sexually abuse them. I'm going to need about $400m to get started with leasing a plane or two within small airports, and there will be a stretch goal at $800m and $1.2b to add complimentary drinks and add the purchase option of snacks, respectively. Of course, seeing as how this child would be too young to do it alone I will selflessly commit myself to handling all funds and assuming the challenging position of CEO and CFO on his behalf.
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