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April 23rd, 2013, 10:43
Wow! A great set of stories!
Hmm, well I first tinkered with programming on a Honeywell timeshare system (that was connected from Melbourne, Australia all the way back to Texas!) in 1973. First game was Hunt the Wumpus, then followed by colossal cave/adventure on a PDP11 in cut-down Fortran, but previously played with graphics (PDP with vector graphics hand-toggling in hundreds of instructions, crossing fingers and pressing run, debugging was, to say the least challenging) as played pong when first came out and my CS school had working spaceware variant on PDP hardware in mid 70s so clocked up many hours battling a friend on that.
Ported adventures of differing minor changes (remember finding he last 1 point by entering the maze anyone on RSX-11m version?) to different machines, operating systems etc. ranging from CYBERs to PDP-11/70 to IBM 370s. Played & wrote various small games of Sinclair ZX and HP-67 (writable magnetic cards for a calculator!). Then got an apple II+ when first available in Australia and played zork and other infocom text adventures (hint books and special pens). Ordered direct from USA and got (as far as I know) one of first 2 copies of zork 2 in Australia. Drifted away from gaming as had access to major mainframe for ‘work’ even on weekends also busy playing field hockey pretty seriously.
Got back into games with Civ, then Civ II (pesky Zulus!), sim city etc. for several years then drifted away again as main PC ran OS/2 although I was one of the original beta testers for the original galactic civilizations and killed many hours in hotel rooms & on places playing that (ever tried downloading a new version across a flaky phone line in a hotel 1000s of miles from a city of more than 1million people?) in both beta and the released version . Drifted a bit away again and got back into it when BG1, etc. BG1 was suggested by friends and totally, totally re-hooked! Since then lots and lots, recently? Witcher 1 & 2, Mass Effect, Dishonoured, DX:HR, CIV V, Dragon Age I, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite. What I play depends on how much thought I want to put in.
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