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April 23rd, 2013, 10:15
You move through the different epic destinies to collect fate points to be able to twist in more and more powerful abilities. If you want to TR into something else then you need to move in the epic destiny tree to the new destiny that your new class will use.

Players usually farm quests on Epic Hard in the epic destinies they need XP in. If they do difficult quests (raids or epic elite) they switch to their best destiny.

I've got to level 3 in ALL epic destinies on my paladin. It was not a big problem being in destinies you don't belong in. If it had been permanent then I would have agreed, but you can move to any destiny you have opened at the fatespinner.

So I suggest you move on collecting XP in new destinies for fate points. We're not doing quests that are VERY hard. You will still be powerful in our quests. Soon you will TR again into a wizard.

If you don't swap destinies then you will simply lose the destiny XP you collect in quests. That's probably even worse. We all know how your toons hate not getting XP.
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