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April 23rd, 2013, 17:19
Gaining XP in other destinies for fate points is fortunately not mandatory. So if you feel strong enough just being in Draconic without twists then you remain there.

People gain XP in different epic destinies because they want to get twists to become a little bit more powerful when they go back to their main destiny.

So you can look at this the other way. Which destiny abilities from OTHER destinies than draconic would you like to have on your wizard.

I'm sure you get some from you could like.

Magister examples:
Tier 1: Impregnable mind. +6 concentration and not an automatic fail if you roll a 1 on a will save.
Tier 2: Spell scholl specialist. +3 to DC to chosen school
Tier 3: Piercing spellcraft. +3 to spell penetration to chosen school

Shiradi Champion example:
Tier 1: Healing spring. Nearby allies get 1d100 healing every 20 seconds for 5 minutes

Fury of the Wild example:
Tier 1: Fast healing. You get 6d20 hp every minute using positive energy

Exalted Angel example:
Tier 1: Endless faith. Spell point pool increased by 10%

Unyielding Sentinel example:
Tier 1: Brace for impact: +40% fortification, +2 to all saves

Tier 1 from all destinies +1 to one stat.

So I think you have many reasons to farm epic destinies. It's NOT for becoming stronger in the alternate destinies, but for becoming stronger in your main destiny.
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