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April 23rd, 2013, 19:47
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
What you call "technical qualities" is not necessarily a good thing. As far as I'm concerned, every attempt to include 3D-technology has been detrimental to the Heroes series. Heroes III had the best gameplay and graphics. In no way are the recent games better looking or more fun to play.

The only game in this genre to come even close to the greatness of Heroes III in my book is Ages of Wonder II.
Everyone claims this, yet I don't understand. Note that I'm an amateur when it comes to HoMM series, but in HoMM 5 every creature had passive bonuses, resistances, attributes and active skills, plus racial abilities for both you and your hero. Different races are coherent, make sense and play completely differently from each other. When I recently tried getting back to HoMM 3, I noticed how quickly the hero levelled up and units that have neither active skills or anything to really distinguish them.

HoMM 6 is my favourite due to the character system. I also have a soft spot for HoMM 4 because of campaigns and the hero systems.

The new developers are all HoMM fans and it makes sense for the games to become more complex. Yet everyone keeps saying that 3rd somehow got it perfect.

I do agree with you that the 3D in general is awful. The campaigns would have been much improved without the horrid cinematics.
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